A Walk in Australia

Welcome to my new page.

My website is primarily about Japan as that is my passion however I thought it would be fun to share about my own country as well. It is very common to see Japanese tourists in Australia. They absolutely love it here!

So I think this page is justified. I hope you enjoy my videos. These are all my personal videos. I am not a brilliant editor and videos are a little raw around the edges but they are authentic.


Do you put soy sauce on Spaghetti Bolognese?

Driving down Ballarat Main Street (historic mining town)
Ballarat in Vic Australia used to be a booming mining town. Gold mining is still carried out today.
Many of the original old buildings are still standing.
Haven’t heard of Ballarat? Read up on Wikipedia 🙂
Enjoy my video.

How I make my coffee every morning 🙂

When you put petrol in your car do you do this?

Kangaroo ‘can’t do today’ lol

The correct way to say EMU!

Yup, I just had to vlog about it. Drives me a bit crazy when I hear Emu said incorrectly. lol lol

Lal Lal Falls Victoria
These falls are always super windy. The wind is as bad as it sounds!

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