Why does Japan love cats?

BusinessInsider.com explains Japan’s obsession with cats quite simply. Below is a quote from their website https://www.businessinsider.com/japan-is-obsessed-with-cats-2013-7?r=AU&IR=T

“In Japanese folklore, cats have protective powers and  symbolize good fortune. A bobtail supposedly lured a feudal lord with a “come hither” gesture, which saved him from being struck by lightning. Today, business owners put “maneki neko” (beckoning cat) statues in front of their shops, in hope that the moving paw will bring in customers.

Or perhaps there’s a simpler explanation: cats are cute, and easy to depict in the  round, simplified “kawaii” design favored by Harajuku girls. Personally, I find it hard to resist buying anything decorated with whiskers and a tail.” Businessinsider.com

So… Japan loves cats ! Anyways, below are a few random photos and videos of cats from Japan. Enjoy! Meow!

Below – A photo of “maneki neko” (beckoning cat)

Toy, Fun, Maneki Neko, Japanese, Beckoning Cat, Cat

Below – An older gentleman gives a ginger cat a pat near Osaka castle.

Outdoors, People, Portrait, Adult, Cat, Osaka Castle

Below – A black cat sitting at Fushimi-ku Kyoto.

Kyoto, Cat, Temple, Japan, Fushimi

If you have never heard of ‘Cat Island’ check out the below video!

And if you have having a slow day … meet Maru lol lol

Ever heard of a cat cafe? This is awesome!

Check out the below website 🙂

Funny Cat Expressions and Phrases in Japanese


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Want to read more?

Bonus Japanese photo album – Mt Fuji 🙂

Raise, Challenge, Landscape, Mountain, Tourist, View
Volcano, Mountains, Clouds, Sunset, Mt Fuji, Alps
Mt Fuji, Japan, Mountains Of Japan, Sky, Landscape
Mt Fuji, Yokohama, The Bay Bridge, Winter
Japan, Yokohama, Night View, Night, Winter, Big Pier
Mountain, Mount, Landscape, Japanese, Nature, Scene

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