10 most simple questions about Japan answered…

Below I have given the answer to some of the most Googled questions about Japan.

Landscape, Rice Terraces, Sunset, Nature, Plantation

1. Is Japan an island?

Japan is made up of multiple islands.

Map, Globe, Country, Map Of The World, Travel, Borders

2. Is Japan expensive?


Yen, Currency, Finance, Banking, Money, Symbol, Economy

3. Is Japan in Asia?


Asia, Continent, Map, Brown, India, China

4. Is Japan a country?


Japan, Japanese, Map, Flag, Red, Outline, Borders

5. Is Japan safe? Yes. Japan is considered a very safe country. However, always keep a look out for your personal items…

Japan, Tokyo, Ueno, Women, Kid, Japanese, Park, Bicycle

6. Are Japanese people happy? There is reason to believe that Japanese people could be happier…

Girl, Asia, People, Happy, Young, Summer, Child

7. Can Japanese have dual citizenship? Not after the age of 22.

Airport, Airplane, Aircraft, Fly, Flight, Sky, Plane

8. What do Japanese say before eating? Itadakimasu

Restaurant, Flirting, Couple, Cheers, Food, Adult, Asia

9. What is traditional dress of Japan? Kimono

Beauty, Asia, Seductive, Pretty, Bridal, Celebrate

10. Is Kyoto the capital of Japan? No. But it used to be. Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

Kiyomizu-Dera, Temple, Kyoto, Japan, Japanese, Asia

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