List of 20 blog posts to help you study Japanese

I thought I would put together a list of all my blog posts that will help you to improve your Japanese skills. (These are website recommendations. I do not own this content!)

  1. The Weather in Japanese

2. Learn Japanese Pod

3. So how much does a Japanesepod101 subscription cost?

4. Do you want to make Japanese friends?

5. Do you want to learn Japanese but are super lazy?

6. Are you an absolute beginner in Japanese?

7. Learn Japanese 24/7 with Japanesepod101 TV

8. Remembering the Kanji with BritvsJapan

9. Are you really busy or just have the attention span of a gnat?

10. One free cool trick to memorise kanji.

11. Want to learn 250 words found in anime?

12. Japanese Language Games

13. Punipunijapanese – Let’s learn Japanese

14. Do you find Japanese difficult?

15. Tips when beginning to study Japanese

16. How did I learn Hiragana and Katakana?

17. Can you learn Japanese while sleeping?

18. Japanese basic. A series from the 80’s

19. Are you an absolute beginner in Japanese? Check out this amazing course!

20. What are the most common words in Naruto?

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