Seven Fishy Facts about Japan

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Below are 7 cool fishy facts with videos if you want to learn more! Enjoy!

  1. You need a licence to cook with fugu because if you eat the wrong part of the fish you will die. Want to know more? All is explained in the video below.

2. Sushi does not mean RAW FISH! To learn more check out the below video.

3. In Tokyo’s famous finest fresh seafood food/fish market the rules are no smoking, no babies and pets. Also you are not allowed to wear open-toed sandals! To learn more about this fancinating market watch the video below.

4. It takes years to master sushi skills as it is considered an art form in Japan. To learn about how hard it is to become a sushi master click on the video below.

5. Koi Carp is seen by the Japanese people as a symbol of courage, strength and…

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