Perfect World (Manga Recommendation)

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Disability is rarely discussed … even more so in Japanese entertainment; but the times are slowly changing to help educate and to celebrate the diversity of our human race.

I am a big advocate for people with disabilities and love watching their dreams achieved.

A few years ago I stumbled across a manga called Perfect World. Without giving away too much of what the story is about… I will say the story is about a boy with a spinal cord injury falling in love with an able bodied girl. The story explores all the typical and not so typical challenges of a relationship.

A truly heart warming story.

Manga is on YouTube. Enjoy!

uploaded by – YouTube channel comic 24h

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    • I loved it. Beautiful anime. My father in law has been deaf all his life… My mother in law is not deaf. I believe their relationship had challenges in the beginning too but they have now been married almost 40 years. I like how she speaks with an accent. My father in law speaks with an accent too. It’s good that we are seeing more anime/manga that cover these important topics.

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  1. If I might recommend the manga Makasete Iruka, which in turn became the 1-episode anime Grrl Power!, the first anime to feature a disabled individual as a protagonist (she is one of three sisters).

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