How to turn your blog followers away forever.

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I am extremely new to WordPress and in that short amount of time I have come across some truly bizarre habits of fellow bloggers.

Bizarre or rude, call it what you want but the below is what will turn me away from following your blog.

  1. You question peoples motives for ‘LIKING’ your content. At the end of the day a LIKE is a LIKE. The more LIKES your post has the more credibility you appear to have, so what’s the problem? I am more likely to read a blog post with lots of LIKES than a post that has none. Sure, a new blogger might LIKE your content a few times in the hope of getting your attention but they are still a potential follower. After a few LIKING escapades they might start to genuinely LIKE your content after all! If you shoot them down they will unfollow or block your blog. You have lost there support forever.
  2. You have-a-go at people who’s comments ‘aren’t meaningful’. I’m not talking about spam here… I’m talking about people who comment things like “Love your work” “Awesome post”. So what? if that is all they post! It’s a positive comment. Once again, at the end of he day, a comment is a comment. This follower maybe a fan of your work and want to tell you they love it, but lack time or skills to post a comment worthy of your approval. Don’t bag them out as you will turn them away.
  3. You question a persons reason for following. Sure, it maybe disappointing when you see a blogger follow you and know they do not have a genuine interest in your material. However, they are still a follower. The more followers you have the more credible your blog looks. You never know, they may enjoy your content over time! Why not read what their blog is about and write a post that may get their attention?

In conclusion, I think when we start to question our followers motives it does leave the reader cold.

Embrace the bloggers that follow you and enjoy the ride. You could be turning potential passionate followers away and that would be a shame!

Be kind.

In the comments below tell me what turns you away from following a blogger?

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  1. Some blogs have followers that question the motives of every comment as if they were the blog owner’s mother. This can be unpleasant.

    For instance, I once posed a question to an author/ publisher who wrote entire books about pieces of furniture he makes, and even teaches classes about making. I respect his work, and admire his writing and have bought his books, and stated as much.

    My question was, “ now that 5 years have passed and you have taught tons of people to make similar projects, what would you improve in the design? What have you learned? It was a polite and sincere question.

    But his guard dog jumped into the comments and implied I was being disrespectful and snarky. The blog owner never responded. I never posted another comment and canceled my subscription.

    I know the blog owner saw my comment since he responded to other comments and questions. But he ignored my comment.

    A blog owner may choose to not respond to every comment, but he must keep the tone of his blog positive.

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