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I am new to blogging… and thought I would share a few tips that I have found useful so far when sharing your posts on Facebook. I hope you find them useful too 🙂

  1. Connect with other bloggers. Look for blogging groups that you can join. For example, I have enjoyed Anime Blogging Party
  2. Don’t keep posting in dead groups. Seriously, after a few posts with zero response… move on.
  3. Post in groups that are most likely to appreciate your content. Think about your audience. For example, in my case, I don’t generally post about anime in a Japanese language group. The people there want to discuss language so keep your post on the primary topic.
  4. If no one is liking your content then change it. If you’re posting for a week and are getting no likes/comments then obviously the content is not appealing. Change it!
  5. Know your audience. What does your target audience want to find information on?
  6. Don’t let Facebook and Facebook users interpret your enthusiasm as spam. I would only post a blog every 24 hours per group. Leave 10 minutes between posts. Don’t behave like a spammer! Pace your posts!
  7. Make a Facebook page for your blog. This is an excellent way to have a permanent Facebook platform for your blog. Once again, don’t spam it…
  8. Remember people have their news feeds flooded with posts so make yours stand out! You are fighting for their attention! Make your blog stand out with a good headline, a captivating photo and zero spelling and grammar errors.
  9. Read the rules of a Facebook group before you post. If you are unsure then message admin, members of groups can report you to FaceBook as spam and trust me once Facebook has banned your blog the chances of getting them to un-ban you are pretty slim.
  10. Finally, if you have shocking writing skills use Grammarly. Grammarly is a super-dooper spell check program you can install to make your writing sing. By using correct spelling and grammar you are taken more seriously. Sure, everyone makes mistakes but if you make so many errors it makes your reader cringe you will not have people coming back for more. For me, personally, if I see errors in a post on Facebook I won’t bother opening it.

Thanks for reading!

In the comments below please leave any blogging tips you wish to share!

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