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Since staring my blog it seems that there is very little opportunity to advertise your blog without being labelled as a spammer.

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I learnt this the hard way with Facebook. I wouldn’t call it spamming… more like enthusiasm. Anyway… I have since put a lid on my enthusiastic approach and pace out my posts. You also need to make sure the groups you are posting in appreciate your content. If you are unsure best to message admin and ask for permission to post.

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Anyway… I thought it would be fun to give every blogger an opportunity to spruik their blog in the comments below.

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My only request is that you must write a paragraph explaining what your blog is about. Bloggers that just post a link will not have they comment approved.

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In case you don’t know the aim of my blog is to share links to resources that help us learn about the Japanese language and culture.

I look forward to reading about your blogs!

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  1. ヾ(・ω・*)ノ こんにちにゃあ!嬉嬉と興子でございます! We’re Kiki and Koko from And we’re here to teach you Japanese. We’ll teach you how to read and write! We’ll teach you tips and phrases. We’ll teach you grammar and culture! And all you have to do is subscribe to let us know you’re coming along for the journey! 一緒に日本語を学びましょう! Let’s NihonGO!!

    ❤ Kiki+Koko

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  2. My blog is mainly about poetry. I enjoy writing poetry that motivates people and or encourage them. Some of the work I’ve posted is also in regards to my other passion; which is fictional writing. From adventure all the way to political espionage. My goal is to continue writing poetry and use wordpress as my platform to eventually continue my career on writing alone.

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  3. Hello! My blog is mostly about my experiences at graduate school as a whole. From the application process to the fundamental life of what being a graduate student is all about. I also aspire to aid those who are considering graduate school with the experiences I learned as a guide for their success. Lastly, my blog is a way for me to keep myself accountable for who I am and what I want to be as a person. This is a wondeful marketing strategy you’ve come up with! Have a great day!


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