9 Quick Mt Fuji Facts with Pictures

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Fact 1

July and August is the official climbing season.


Fact 2

Mt Fuji is not covered with snow all year round.

Mt Fuji, Summer Of Mountain, Sunset

Fact 3

Mt Fuji is privately owned.


Fact 4

Fuji San is what the Japanese people call Mt Fuji.


Fact 5

Women were banned from climbing Mt Fuji until 1912.


Fact 6

Over 200,000 people summit the volcano each year.


Fact 7

Goraiko is the special name for the sunrise from Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji, The Sunrise, Mountain, Mt, Fuji, Japan

Fact 8

16th of December 1707 was the last time Mt Fuji erupted.

Mt Fuji, Mountain, Yamanashi, Fuji San

Fact 9

The first recorded ascent of Mt Fuji was by a monk in the year 663.


I hope you enjoyed these fun facts!

If you want to add to my facts list do so in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.

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