When fashion becomes art.

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I spend a lot of time on YouTube as I love learning.

In recent times I have stumbled across six videos that truly inspire. Inspire you to have no limits when expressing who you are.

All these looks are inspired by Japanese fashion however, all have put their own personal twist to their fascinating style to make themselves unique.

Video 1

I don’t know why but 21-year-old Jade Smith reminds me of Lady Gaga. She says to achieve this look it takes 4 – 6 hours. wow!

Video from HOOKED ON THE LOOK  S6 • E3

Video 2

32-year-old Michelle says, “My ultimate goal is to inspire people”.

Video from Barcroft TV

Video 3:

Fifi Doll describes herself as a living doll and her look an art form. I love when she says it does’t matter if you are not in ‘ideal proportions”.

Video from Barcroft TV

Video : 4

Alyssa Salazar is an Islamic woman who wears Lolita fashion. Alyssa says she has to deal with online hate but is part of a supportive community who love her look – including the Japanese.

Video by watchJojo

Video 5:

Alison Jones (22 years old) appears so happy and confident it makes you want to get into kawaii fashion too! She sends a strong message about wearing what you love.

Also her family’s connection with Japan is remarkable.

Video by Barcroft TV

Video: 6

This look is an epic work of art. Words cannot describe.

I love when she says that “people think that you are wasting your body by dressing like this but I think I’m wasting my body not to dress like this. “

Which look is your favourite? Have you thought about adopting Japanese fashion into your wardrobe?

Comment bellow!

Thanks for reading and watching!

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