ONE free cool trick to memorise Kanji!

Learn Japanese with

Kanji does my head in. Let’s be honest. It is super hard to learn. So different to the letters found in the English language.

However it can be learnt.

I highly recommend the Anki App. This app uses flashcards that can be used to memorise anything.

Simply download this free app, enter the Kanji into the app that you want to learn and you are set to go!

Once you have learnt a Kanji mark it as ‘easy’ and you will only be tested on it say… every fourth day. This saves the annoying and time-wasting problem of reviewing words you know very well.

Set a goal of five minutes a day. You will be shocked at how much you learn.

To learn more about the app you can check it out here

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What do you think? Do you have a better method to learn Kanji? Please share your wisdom below! Thank-You

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  1. In combination with paper or electronic flashcards, keep and maintain small a ”wordbook.”

    On the upper half of one side of the fold write the word in kanji. No pronunciations or meanings.

    On the lower half if the same page, write the pronunciation in hiragana and katakana. Also write the meaning in English.

    On the upper half of the page on the opposite side of the fold, write a few sentences in kanji and/or hiragana using the word properly. Choose useful but interesting sentences that will be easy to remember. The better the quality of the Japanese language used in the sentences the better your language skills will become.

    On the bottom half of this page write the English translation of each of the sentences above.

    You use this book by concealing parts with your hand or a piece of paper. Try to read the word in kanji while concealing the pronunciation and meaning. Then memorize the sentences while concealing the translation.

    It is a lot of work, but is a powerful proven tool yields useful, applicable results.


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