Kodokushi – Dying Alone

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Learn about kodokushi in this extremely sobering video. It really does break your heart that there are people in this world that are so alone.

Warning – Some viewers may find this content upsetting!

‘Dying Alone’ can be found on YouTube channel RT Documentary https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx8LIRh6VuPamPrqYDNF2QQ

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One comment

  1. This kind of hits me in the feels a bit. I am getting on in years myself. Some of my blog posts are about my own aging process. They don’t always get a lot of likes.

    Lots of elderly American die alone too. Sometimes it is unavoidable. Most single elderly do not have anyone who checks up on them daily. One keels over and there doesn’t happen to be someone right there. If it is a married couple, whoever dies first is the winner. The survivor is the one to die alone.

    My mother-in-law died at the age of 100 in a board and care facility. The expense was quite a burden, about $30,000 per year. But we wanted her well cared for and it was only a few blocks away so we could visit daily. She was still crazy but now it was the Philipino aids who she thought were North Korean agents sent here to start World War III

    The aging process is not pretty. The physical needs of the elderly make them quite a burden to care for. All kinds of bodily waste problems, mobility limitations, and mental deterioration. In my mother-in-law’s case, it expressed itself as extreme anger against anyone nearby.

    Many people cannot stomach seeing how age deteriorates the body.

    She lived with my daughter in her home until my daughter couldn’t take the permanent state of aggressive anger anymore. So my mother-in-law moved in with us. Two years later we couldn’t handle it either. She refused to cooperate in anything and the things she said about us, I wouldn’t say about my bitterest enemy. So it was off to someone who could handle those issues.

    The extended family is a thing of the past. Keeping the elderly around is a hassle. They are neither fun to be with nor easy to look at nor economically productive. Nobody wants to watch you slowly die. So we warehouse gramps in a tiny apartment with a minimal standard of living because, well, he’s OLD. Can’t do much and doesn’t need much and we need to get on with our lives. We’ll call every so often when we think of it. Maybe.


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