Why do people love anime?

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Anime seems to be a misunderstood genre of entertainment; heavily criticized by those who have never watched one episode.Just like HOLLYWOOD, there are many genres to choose from. Drama, Romance, Comedy – just to name a few … One anime doesn’t define what anime is all about… just like you wouldn’t judge HOLLYWOOD based on one movie alone.With that being said I have asked some members of my own Anime Facebook group why do they like anime. Permission has also been given to me for the comments to be published on this blog.Enjoy reading through the comments!

Lemrose Salarda – 19 Philippines
Anime showed me that I don’t need companions to enjoy a day; I don’t always need to go outdoors just to have fun, and that I literally can spend the day by myself.
Gary McCray – 44 USA
It’s dynamic, emotional, nuanced, at times a tad naughty or even horrifying; and the artwork is amazing in most cases.

Johnathan Matthee – 38 South Africa
It is an escape from the dull everyday world. When I watch Anime, I am in a world of endless possibilities!

Shaheer Butt – 19 Pakistan
It started watching anime to free myself from boredom but as I started anime I found that people around me are just for money and nothing else. They are not loyal to me. So in short, Anime taught me principles of life.

Hana – 27
When I was young, shounen always motivates me to do better. Imagining, I too can do my best…
Now, I appreciate the lessons, love the friendships and romance, looking forward to the battles, enjoy the exaggerations and laugh out (like literally) the comedy parts. And oh,
the plot twists are to die for.

I also watch anime based on my mood. There is a lot of genres; it never fails to amuse me.
Abdullah Ali – 18 Pakistan

EPIC QUOTES AND CHARACTERSPeople say anime is just cartoons. What can they teach you about social life and issues? They say what do you learn from these?The answer isValue of life
No for racism
Nature of military
Reality and facts
Honor and glory
No for grudges
Women’s values
BrotherhoodAnd if you have never seen anime your arguments are invalid.

Mandi Kent – Scotland
I’m over 9,000 I like all anime. Anime provides imagery not normally used by modern-day artists and can tackle real-life day to day issues.

Jayjay Musick
It makes me motivated to not give up on my dreams, or goals no matter the struggle.

Kyle Gunning – 28 Canada
I grew up with it on a Canadian kids network called YTV. Started with DB then DBZ, then Inuyasha, Bleach, Gundam Wing, Gundam Seed, and I was hooked, for a while, stopped a for a while in my last year of high school and college, after college I got back into it, the reason I stopped is cuz the network that was available to me at the time stopped airing anime, and this was before Netflix was really available in Canada. I sometimes take a break from anime if nothing that is currently airing interests me and I’ve watched all my backlog of anime lol, I suppose my reason for watching it/liking anime is that the series I watch has a good plot, and the more convoluted the plot the better.

Shaik Ahmed Khan
I love anime because it helps me in getting motivated to fulfill my dreams.
Asta BlackBull – 28 Philippines
The only escape I’ve got from this world full of problems.

Isaiah Tyler Gaskin – 22 USA As a kid, I just wanted to watch something that wasn’t like all the regular cartoons I had been watching up until that point, so when I first discovered Yu Yu Hakusho at the age of 5, I felt like everything changed for me, since it had given me my first world view, a real lesson which had to do with death & celebrating the life one had lived, so I guess from that point on, my thing for anime became wanting to understand more hidden messages, more things to dissect, not for myself, but for others as well, to be able to give them a medium to look forward to that they could someone relate to in a time of need.If the words of a person aren’t what they want, then maybe the words of a character or a story, to possibly identify with is what shall be given to them.It’s a really cool thing to me, to find the benefits of these parallels to our life & fiction. People become the main characters of books the moment they start reading them so a few clicks on the internet or on the TV can bring them to an animated medium that takes them to a whole new world altogether, of potential lessons that can better them as individuals from that point on.I just like the meaningful side of anime for that.

Keith Linderman – 34 USA Author of Releasing Omega: Book 1 I think anime allows people to tell stories that would be either difficult, impossible or expensive to do using live-action. Aside from that; they tend to have a strong sense of atmosphere, character and (at times) fun that can be addictive and even a bit heartwarming. It’s a great medium and style.
Devyn Cole – 21 USA
I’m not sure of the exact reason why I like it. I kind of just started watching it with my brother late at night on Toonami. As I grew older I was able to get on sites to actually watch whatever I wanted and I just got hooked. It’s now easier for me to watch anime than some drama on tv.

Benedicto Prado – 22 Philippines
I love anime cuz it has great storytelling, awesome fights, and great OSTs plus it inspired me to draw when I was a kid so it became a huge part of me ever since.

Noah Jirka  –  20 USA         Blogger – www.bluesanime.com                                                    Anime is great for many reasons. One of the biggest is cartoons… they are just a bunch of stupid crap that makes no sense; however anime is very exciting to watch many of them. I enjoy anime like Campione and Code Geass. That excites you but also has a fun but ecchi plot.

And lastly, these are my personal reasons why I enjoy anime.
1. Stories are different to mainstream Hollywood.
2. Depth of characters.
3. Art that blows you away.
4. Incredible soundtracks.
5. Depth of emotions.
6. Teaches life lessons.
7. Challenges you to think about your life from a different perspective.
8. Introduces you to an exciting culture
9. It is an escape from reality… especially when watching in subs. It really is another world.
10. Mind-blowing cosplay.
11. It has an awesome fanbase that is accepting of anyone.


Before you judge please give anime a chance; you may be pleasantly surprised.


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