Tips when beginning to study Japanese

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Below are a few useful tips I have personally discovered over the years… I will continue to add to this list as I come across more ideas.

1. Only study words that you will use!

2. Create your own mnemonics or memory hooks to remember words/concepts with ease. The crazier the mnemonic the more likely you will remember it!

3. Find a friend to study/ practice with. Keep moving forward with your learning.

4. Don’t get bogged down on a particular subject/word for too long.

5. Look for free websites and apps that can help you with your learning.

6. Join Facebook groups with others learning the same language as you.

7. Label objects in your house (with removable stickers of course)

8. Watch Japanese movies and anime to get you used to the sound of the Japanese language and for you to listen out for words you know. Remember though… watching TV alone will not teach you how to speak a language properly.

9. Do study hiragana. This will teach you how to pronounce words correctly.

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