How did I learn Hiragana and Katakana?

Learn Japanese with

Dr Moku is an app for Android and iPhone. It does have In -App purchases but there is plenty of free content to get you started.

My knowledge of hiragana and katakana (Japanese alphabet) skyrocketed after discovering this gem. I used the free version for awhile but soon realised I was letting myself down by not purchasing the full version.

The app makes learning hiragana and katakana easy by the use of mnemonics. To see a sample of the method of teaching Dr Moku uses check out the video below.

Video shared from YouTube channel
Moku Mundo – Language, Arts and Laughs!

Dr Moku is a must for any newbie 😁

App does teach some basic kanji too!

And finally,

A common question is ‘how many Japanese alphabets are there? The short answer is two… sort of… you need to understand that the Japanese writing system is quite complex. To learn more watch this informative video by Academia Cervena.

Video from YouTube Channel Academia Cervena

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